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Iraqi Trade Center in Erbil



​​Expansion of the city of Erbil designed to resolve the great requirement of a modern city, nowadays the center of the main national affairs agencies. The architecture responds to the needs and climate of the area is developed on a commercial axis intended to be the new center of attraction of the town.

Competition for school complex

with archefice associati


​​Competition for the construction of a new school complex in the town of Vignola , project ranked in the first class of merit. To underline the conception of the volumes of the casing and the purpose of obtaining benefits such as ' passive house ' .

What is a Passive House ?

" A passive house is the current goal in building qualitá.Si might just call it a well- insulated house so you do not need heating , even in the harsh climate of South Tyrol, but in reality to a design so it cured bind other aspects of quality and health: proper air circulation, acoustic comfort , protection from overheating in the summer , very low use of energy, use of renewable rinnovabili.È been defined by international criteria for indoor comfort ( ASHRAE ) , and the center of the development of this type of construction there is not , as many think, the necessity of complex technologies and building systems hypermodern , but rather a style of design that aims to achieve the maximum interior comfort for the inhabitants."


fonte TBZ - Technisches Bauphysik Zentrum

Cottage by the sea


Respect for the culture of the sea permeates the conception of this coastal cottage. Clear is the reference to the architecture of Key West or the experiments carried out on the subject in the town of Sea Side, Florida.




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